A pioneer in development as it relates to the natural environment, Gale Communities began its great tradition with the five neighborhoods of Winterset Park nearly 18 years ago. Located in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, and spanning over 1100 acres in total, Winterset Valley is the latest addition to what has become known as one of Kansas City’s premier new home communities.

Constructed with an eye to maintaining as much of nature’s amenities as possible, Winterset was the first community in the Midwest to achieve the coveted Global ReLeaf award. Also noteworthy, Winterset was one of the first communities to require a composition 40 year shingle roof at a time when most either installed ”Builder Grade” or wood shake shingles. In addition, Winterset collaborated with a local electric utility provider as one of the first developers to require energy efficient ”heat pump” HVAC units when very few even knew the capability of this energy saving feature.

Using the natural terrain as an additional partner, many of the roads, lakes, walking trails, and waterfalls are constructed over natural rock walls pulled from the very ground they lay dormant within for hundreds of years. Winterset is actually the name sake for much of the rock that lies deep below this community’s surface – Winterset Rock. Even some of the entry monuments have been sculpted and carved out of this same rock.

Streams lay untouched in densely wooded areas affectionately referred to as the ”hundred acre wood”. Trees that do have to be removed are recycled into miles of wood mulch walking trails.

These are just a few examples of how Gale Communities have not only enhanced the lives of the residents within, but also preserved a future for generations to come.